Theme: you are the enemy

Your goal is to steal the king's castle right from under his nose.

Good luck

Made withUnity


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nice gmae :) i'd like to play it with some more enemies and weapons
kinda reminds me of like a cute golden axe game, plowing through enemies moving forward

Love it super cute and fun. However the first thing i did so was walk back and discovered i can walk around the map and go straight to the end idk if that an intentional Easter egg or not.

No it not  a Easter egg its a bug sorry.

Hi there! Cute graphics, nice tunes. However, I can't kill the first enemy? Is that a bug or a feature? :)

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Its a bug sorry im new to coding.The only thing i can thank of is to make sure the dot in front of the  player

 is on the enemy.

Also walk back when fighting the enemy because there is no knock back.